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Real-Time Income, Employment Verification of End Users

Key Benefits

  • Making Income and Employment Verification Seamless. Using income and employment data, lenders know more about their users and club with other data sources to develop a holistic credit profile. Get 60+ data points in a standardized format from the HRMS system.
  • Ten times reduction rate in end user journey TAT. Make use of multiple data points to pre-fill the end-user journey, which means less time spent by end users to input details without uploading numerous documents—leading to fewer user drop-offs and a seamless onboarding journey.

“Working with TartanHQ has helped us fetch and verify end users’ income and employment data in real time, making our underwriting model quicker and enabling better decisions.”


One-Click Access to Work Data From the Source-of-Truth

With Tartan’s payroll and workforce connectivity and digital identity APIs, we are making the process of employment and income verification seamless and credible using technology.

We enable businesses like digital banks, lenders, insurance, upskilling, tax platforms, and marketers to create and distribute products efficiently by partnering with HRMS, HRIS, work platforms, and payroll service providers.

We truly believe in financial inclusion for all and solve for multiple categories across salaried, freelance and gig workers. With the help our payroll APIs, our customers are able to target new segments, reach broader geographies and enter new markets.

About Tartan

  • Services:

    • Payroll pull
    • Payslip OCR
    • Work history verification
    • Identity verification
    • Utility verification
    • Vehicle verification
    • Financial Verification
  • Countries Supported:

    • India