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The 2020 Digitization Journey:
Refocusing Your Customer Treatment Strategy Post-Covid-19

Your business entered 2020 with a clear roadmap, a plan to take you to your chosen goal by the end of the year. However, those plans were made in a world that looked very different than today.

From economic uncertainty to rapidly changing consumer behavior, financial services organizations are under more pressure than ever to create user-friendly experiences that are accessible from anywhere.

In this live virtual panel industry leaders from Informa Financial Intelligence, Capital One, and TMX Financial Services explore the subject: In a world post Covid-19 is your business roadmap still relevant?

Watch the recording of this live knowledge-sharing event to hear the panelists discuss:

  • Key factors that impact your revised 2020 roadmap
  • Should your priorities change
  • Selecting the right destination and goals for today’s world
  • Evolving digitization priorities
  • Accelerating the digital journey


Brendan Deakin

VP Sales, Provenir

Rutger Van Faassen

VP of Consumer Lending, Informa Financial Intelligence

Jessica Liu

Product Strategy & Analytics, Product Growth, Capital One

Jonathan Klingler

Sr. Director, Credit Risk Strategy, TMX Finance


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