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The Decisioning Imperative
for Open Banking

Consumers use open banking to power their digital financial experiences. Regulators are still finalizing the rules. Join the discussion!

Open banking is here. Consumers rely on open banking to power their digital financial experiences. Regulators are finalizing rules to ensure consumers have the right to share their banking data with whichever service providers they choose. Energy spent fighting against open banking is a waste. It’s also a missed opportunity.

Open banking has the potential to revolutionize how banks make decisions about their customers. Every decision point across the customer lifecycle – from credit risk evaluation to cross-sell to collections – stands to benefit from the real-time, contextual insights that open banking data can deliver.

The question is how to harness these new insights. What do banks need to change – analytically, operationally, and even culturally – to benefit from open banking?

Join Alex Johnson (Fintech Takes) and Kathy Mitchell-Stares (Provenir) for a lively discussion on these topics and the future of decisioning in financial services.


Alex Johnson

Fintech Takes

Kathy Stares



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