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The Future of Risk Decisioning:
Harnessing the Power of Data

Empowering Smarter Credit Risk Decisioning with Real-Time Data Access

Currently about 50% of India’s population is credit unserved and another 20% underserved. But it’s difficult to make accurate credit decisions without easy access to the right kinds of data. And while there is no shortage of data available to the industry, many financial institutions struggle with data access and integration. Harnessing the power of real-time data, from a variety of sources, is an immense opportunity for financial institutions to offer targeted products that enable greater access to credit for those who need it.

Watch the webinar where we’ll show you how real-time, simplified data access can improve risk decisioning accuracy and improve financial inclusion.

During this in-depth discussion you’ll learn:

  • How simplified data access to alternative and non-traditional data can reshape your business
  • The ways integrating real-time data, including alternative data sources, can help you manage risk, explore new opportunities, and respond to market changes faster
  • How to utilize advanced analytics to optimize pricing and make more personalized offers
  • Why a unified solution for data, AI and decisioning drives the agility and flexibility needed to power exceptional consumer experiences
  • How to power financial inclusion with alternative data and advanced analytics


Varun Bhalla

Country Manager, India, Provenir

Nehal Gupta

CEO, AMU Leasing

Pramey Jain

CEO & Co-Founder, Tartan


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