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A Complete Financial Crime, Compliance, Risk Mitigation and Customer Onboarding Platform

Key Benefits

  • Easy Onboarding and Smooth Transactions. With over 50 third-party data providers integrated into our app store, our sophisticated no-code platform allows you to make informed customer acquisition, transactional and business risk decisions with the full customer picture in view.
  • Facilitating compliance with current and future regulations. TruNarrative provides a full case management system and a comprehensive audit trail for instant recall for regulatory purposes. Our natural language rule builder and App store allows you to make rapid strategy changes and react to changing regulations and fraud trends, and mitigate risk.

“Working together with TruNarrative is helping Ikano Bank to accelerate our global digital transformation, whilst ensuring the highest levels of financial crime risk management and enables us the flexibility to quickly respond to new and emerging threats within a single technology platform.”


Easy Onboarding, Smooth Transactions and Dynamic Risk Rating

TruNarrative’s advanced decisioning platform allows you to build end-to-end customer onboarding and monitoring journeys through a single API. Enrich application data with any of our 50+ data partners to make automated or manual decisions with the whole customer picture in view.

Orchestrate and deliver your financial crime, digital transformation, compliance and customer onboarding strategies from one single intuitive user interface. The TruNarrative solution allows you to build rules and adapt strategy in-house with our no-code rule builder, helping you react to fraud & risk trends and to remain compliant with current and future regulations.


About TruNarrative

  • Services:

    • Risk rating
    • Automated onboarding
    • Full case management of manual referrals
    • Complete audit train
    • Transactional monitoring
    • Onboarding checks: IDV, document verification, biometrics, AML, PePs and sanctions
  • Regions Supported:

    • Global