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Make Better Risk Decisions with Digital Footprints

Key Benefits

  • Real-time risk intelligence from Email, Phone, Device, IP, Browser analytics. Fast and Accurate. Trustfull monitors and scores identities, sign-ups, logins, transactions, and new accounts in real-time, silently in the background, without any impact on the user experience. Choose from single products integrations such as Email or Phone, IP, Browser, Device or select Trustfull Digital Score for a comprehensive bundle generating accurate risk scores on both consumers and small businesses/merchants.
  • Leverage alternative data for your risk decisioning, globally. Access hundreds of new data sources, from a single integration with Trustfull, providing actionable trust and accurate risk signals with unlimited international coverage. Remain fully protected and compliant adding an extra layer of security to your stack, detecting risk early in the journey, preventing costly and more complex fraud down the line.

“Integrating Trusfull’s identity scoring algorithms in our AML/KYC process allowed our bank to tap into alternative data sources to identify suspicious behavior in the account opening phase, with positive impacts on overall onboarding process and account opening times.”


Make Better Risk Decisions with Digital Footprints

Trustfull helps organisations across industries addressing challenges faced when acquiring, onboarding and protecting customer accounts and transaction attempts, as well as helping when onboarding small businesses and micro-merchants.

With the power of machine learning and digital footprint data derived from phone number, emails, IP address, device and browser data – Trustfull passively analyse and score hundreds of digital signals to form a comprehensive risk picture about the customer interaction, empowering businesses to make better decisions and ensure a safer digital environment.

Trustfull is an enterprise-first solution uniquely positioned in the market as:

  • More accurate and predictive data signals, with higher match rates into web and social accounts than any other provider.
  • Best in class Email and Phone Analytics product, with fully global market applicability at the highest accuracy rates.
  • Robust data sources, coupled with proprietary ML models and skilled teams providing tailored and customised support to enterprises. 
  • Solution can be set-up independently or positioned alongside ANY existing organisation fraud and risk tool to complement and enhance security.


About Trustfull

  • Services:

    • Phone Number Intelligence 
    • Email Address Analytics
    • IP Address Intelligence
    • Device Detection 
    • Browser Biometrics and Insights
    • Digital Score and risk score, across all touchpoints
  • Regions Supported:

    • Global