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Secure and Seamless Fraud Protection Solutions for Digital Payments

Key Benefits

  • Increase approval rates. Reduce false positives. 100% payment guarantee against fraud chargebacks. Let more business in and increase revenue while protecting against fraudulent transactions. Vesta provides advanced machine learning, instant risk decisioning and guaranteed digital payments based on 25+ years of global experience in fraud analytics and fraud prevention across medium to high-risk verticals.
  • Account takeover and step-up authentication protection. Stop fake signups and swiftly authenticate legitimate customers. Continuous Account Verification and In-Life Account Monitoring right through the Customer Lifecycle to detect fraudulent activity, account takeover attack and policy abuse. Each module is available separately or as combined solution for maximum flexibility.

“Our customers deserve to feel secure in their shopping experience. That’s what our partnership with Vesta is all about – serving the trust, safety, and security of our customers.”


Guaranteed Transactions Backed by Global Experience

Using machine learning backed by 25 years of transactional data history, Vesta increases approvals of legitimate sales for its customers, while eliminating chargebacks and other forms of digital fraud, driving the true cost of fraud to zero and transferring 100% of the liability for fraud, including chargeback processing, so customers can focus on increasing sales.

The company is headquartered in Portland, OR (US) with offices in Atlanta, Miami, Ireland, Mexico and Singapore.

Vesta is a partner that can help drive the true cost of fraud to zero, at a global scale. We use our technology, data-science and collective know-how to enable our customers to eliminate fraud and focus on core competencies to grow their business and sales.


About Vesta

  • Services:

    • Vesta Payment Guarantee
    • Vesta Account Protect
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    • Global