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Winning in Difficult Economic Conditions:
How to stay profitable in a rapidly changing environment

The past year has highlighted an unsettled global climate, making it difficult for financial services companies, including fintechs and other lenders, to mitigate risk effectively. Economic KPIs are slowing as both institutions and consumers alike react to the new normal – so how can we help credit providers stay ahead of the competition?

Watch this on-demand webinar, where our panel of experts are sharing key insights on how to stay profitable amidst rapidly evolving market conditions. 

With concrete examples from Turkey and elsewhere, this lively discussion include tips on:

  • How to take advantage of non-traditional data to confidently do business with more marginal/subprime applicants
  • Ways to segment customers to target the appropriate upsell/cross-sell and renewal activities
  • Staying ahead of the curve in identifying more fragile customers – before they default
  • How to implement rapid reaction feedback loops within each stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Trend reporting on key KPIs
  • How to implement and test new credit and fraud policies without additional risk 

Don’t miss this opportunity to glean insights from the experts and ensure you can continue to grow your business, even in uncertain economic conditions.


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