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Xapien – Stop searching. Start knowing.

Key Benefits

  • Highly skilled analyst work, at speed and scale. Xapien is a simple-to-use AI platform for anyone who needs to truly know their customer. It delivers comprehensive, executive level EDD reports in minutes not days, delivering consistency across teams and enabling rapid decisions.
  • Truly know your customer. Xapien’s AI goes beyond watchlist screening, scouring the length and breadth of the internet, reading and analyzing millions of sites, records and articles on your behalf. So you can truly know your customer.

“With Xapien, a day’s worth of research takes 12 minutes. Compliance is now the business enablement department, rather than the business prevention department.”


Identify Risk, Accelerate Trust, Engage Faster

It is currently difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to gather meaningful and relevant information on who you do business with. Existing risk and compliance tools rely on data sets and cover tick-box compliance, but don’t provide insight. Xapien is a simple-to use online platform that fully automates online research so you can make sound, fact-based judgements. Xapien reads and analyzes information from millions of disparate online media, news articles, leak sites, corporate records, and more, so you don’t have to. You’ll receive meaningful insights, set in context. Simply enter the name of your subject, some brief context and press Go. In minutes, you will have an executive-level report. 

Xapien works around the clock, in any language, making thousands of decisions, so you only have to make one.


About Xapien

  • Services:

    Fully automated EDD reports on individuals and organisations

    • Executive level reports in minutes
    • Real-time live data
    • Beyond watchlist screening
    • Cloud-based SaaS solution – no integration costs
    • 130 languages auto-translated
    • Adverse media screening
    • PEPs and Sanctions screening
    • 0.5 bn corporate records
    • 1500 watchlists
    • 140 jurisdictions
    • 35 trn web pages
  • Regions Supported:

    • Global