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AccountScore Partner

Delivering the market-leading Open Banking solution

Key Benefits

  • Automate onboarding journey. Our solution enables clients to automate and speed up customer onboarding, especially if traditionally your process has required manual assessment of applications or the need to review bank statements.
  • Increase acceptance rates. Rich and granular Open Banking insights provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s circumstances allowing you to accept applicants that may have previously been declined using traditional data.

“AccountScore has enabled us to verify our customers with confidence whilst still being a simple user experience.”


Reliable, Accurate and Comprehensive Bank Transaction Data Analytics

AccountScore’s market leading analytical solution utilizes more than 22 million keywords to categorize transactions and identify insights, patterns and behavior. AccountScore enables lenders to lend more profitably whilst cutting loan processing times, completely replacing the need to collect bank statements and pay slips by substituting these with online, real-time, reliable and fully categorized transaction datasets.

Lenders can reduce bad debt and screen out any fraudulent applications whilst exceeding internal targets for processing loan applications. This ensures that relevant consumers and SMEs get the capital they need whilst ensuring clients lend with greater precision.

AccountScore’s solution enables clients across a broad range of industries to benefit from tools such as instant income verification, digital identity, credit risk indexes, affordability calculators, actionable insights, and events.


About AccountScore Services

  • AccountScore Products:

    Income Verification: Instantly verify income, including salary, employer and benefits

    Affordability Assessment: Breakdown of essential and non-essential expenditure; with a configurable disposable income calculator

    Vulnerability Alerts: Key risk indicators including loss / reduction of income, high gambling, and returned direct debits

    IDV & Fraud Prevention: Mixing traditional bureau data and bank-level secure customer authentication and biometrics

    Commercial Risk: Verify business bank accounts to assess cashflow, liability, balance and overdraft indicators and high-risk alerts

  • Countries Supported:
    • United Kingdom
    • Spain
    • Ireland