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Assess Consumers’ Affordability in Real-Time with Open Banking Scoring

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate your time-to-yes! Provide your risk teams and customers a fully digitized experience and get back instantly to your applicants thanks to Open Banking Credit Decisioning.
  • Better risk management decisions. Algoan’s credit decisioning solutions will enable you to accept up to 40% more applicants while maintaining your risk at the same level. Conversely, halve your risk while keeping the same acceptance rate.

Credit and Payment Scoring for Fairer Affordability Assessment

Algoan is a French Fintech that aims to revolutionize the credit sector in Europe through the power of Open Banking. The Fintech innovates at all stages of the credit lifecycle by relying on state-of-the-art proprietary technology. With its Credit Decisioning Open Banking solutions (decisioning engine based on secure sharing of borrower’s bank data), acceptance rates and risk management are significantly improved. In fact, Algoan’s solutions result in a much finer risk analysis than traditional methods and allow many borrower profiles that would normally be rejected to be accepted, with a controlled risk (GINI score up to 80%).

Take informed credit decisions to facilitate split payment, loan origination, debt consolidation, mortgage loan, car subscription/leasing or last-chance loan!

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About Algoan Services

  • Services:

    Connect: Algoan Connect is the easiest and fastest way to incorporate the Open banking aggregation process in any customer journey to be able to leverage Algoan’s Credit Decisioning solutions.

    Credit Score: Algoan Score is a best-in-class proprietary scoring model supported by dynamic customer information based on financial behavior directly retrieved from banks rather than static and declarative data. Grow your customer base by accepting more loan requests with confidence!

    Payment Score: Behavioral score that analyses 3 months of the consumer’s transactional data (Open Banking data) and returns a simple score (ranging from 1 to 10) that helps automate BNPL origination decisions by being fairer and more responsible.

    Credit Insights: In addition to categorized data, Credit Insights provides actionable insights on top of which lenders can build their own applications and forecasting/predictive models.

    Dashboard: Access a broad and comprehensive view of your clients’ financial situation in a single interface and ramp up your credit decisions.

  • Regions Supported: