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aperi data

Harnessing Open Banking to Revolutionize Credit Decisioning

Key Benefits

  • Better decisions across the lifecycle. Our data insights improve decision consistency, speed and accuracy from customer onboarding to account management. We harness the power of Open Banking to transform credit and lending processes that power instant, responsible, and ethical decisions.
  • Quick and easy to integrate. Use our developer-friendly APIs to integrate directly with your own platforms and customer journeys, unlocking all the efficiencies of data consistency and automation. Also available as a stand-alone product for your users.

“For marginal cases, traditional credit bureau data doesn’t provide sufficient information to make decisions. Using AperiData, around 90% are now approved because of the accuracy of their data.”


The Real Time Credit Reference Agency

AperiData is an FCA authorized Credit Reference Agency and Open Banking provider that uses banking data to provide real time risk insights.

We see a world where businesses can access comprehensive financial insights at their fingertips, where consumers have control over their financial data, and where data-driven decisions lead to better financial outcomes for everyone.

Our founding team bring over 100 years of combined experience gained in senior roles at organizations across financial services, software, and data service providers. This experience is embedded not only in our technology solutions but also in our proprietary delivery methodology, which enables us to efficiently implement the right solution for every client.


About AperiData

  • Services:

    Transaction Categorization: Our machine learning models help you better understand your customer’s income and spending patterns by accurately classifying incoming and outgoing transactions into specific categories. Use this data to make more informed risk decisions and help your customers understand where they’re spending to stay on top of their finances.

    Affordability: A complete, accurate snapshot of your customer’s financial position in real time. Our affordability engine uses income and expenditure categorization to accurately calculate customer affordability. Harness rich insights and trends across income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. Understand your customer’s true disposable income and affordability, including detailed breakdown of any benefits received.

    Credit Console®: The Credit Console® provides you with a high-impact, high-resolution view of our rich data insights, allowing users to quickly assess your customer’s financial profile. Available as an integrated or standalone solution to be deployed for your business quickly and easily.

    Credit Scoring and Risk Indicators: Access our suite of risk flags and identifiers that highlight potential high-risk activities, or areas requiring further investigation.

    Identity: Improve KYC and verify customer identity with each linked bank.

  • Regions Supported:

    United Kingdom