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Automate Document-Based Operations with IN-D’s AI-Powered Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Digital Identity Verification for KYC Checks. Deter fraud and provide a seamless user experience to let your customers prove their identity by just scanning their ID document and taking a selfie. Build trust with your customers by our image forensics and passive liveness AI/ML technology.
  • Income Verification and Analysis Checks. Auto classify (sort) income documents (scanned or PDF), verify and extract key borrower data while keeping an eye out for potential frauds. Verify applicant income to manage risk, exposure limits and assess credibility in no time.

Contactless but Connected Enterprise Powered by AI

IN-D ( is an AI Powered platform that enables low-cost and location agnostic digital operations by automating “Document to Data” processes. Our pre-trained models help organizations in performing identity verification checks for KYC (including video KYC), income analysis by processing bank statements/salary slips, conduct risk audits or perform due diligence in securitization transactions, among other things.

IN-D’s focus on innovation has been recognized by enterprises and tech leaders – it is part of the Microsoft for Startups program, winner of United Nations PFIP Innovation contest, selected for EY Foundry, finalist at AWS ML Elevate and has won many other accolades.


About IN-D.AI

  • Services:

    • IN-D Income Verification & Analysis
      • IN-D Bank Statement Analyzer
      • IN-D Salary Slip
      • IN-D Financial Statements

    • IN-D Identity Verification
      • IN-D ID OCR
      • IN-D Document Forensics
      • IN-D Face Match
      • IN-D Face Liveness
      • IN-D Signature Match
      • IN-D Document Quality Check

  • Regions Supported:

    • Global