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Mistho – Open Payroll API

Key Benefits

  • Collect 100% verified payroll and employment information including original documents. With Mistho your end-users will be able to share their income and employment information with you straight from their employer’s HR and payroll system. No more risk of fraud, no more unreliable manual uploads.
  • Build fully digital customer journeys and improve conversion. With Mistho, you can turn long verification processes into seconds and all within your existing digital flows via our SDK, allowing you to better qualify leads and convert those that matter.

“With Mistho, we can turn verification processes that sometimes take days waiting for manual responses from individuals or their employers into seconds.”


Mistho – Open Payroll Connectivity for Europe

Mistho offers the first open payroll API for Europe that enables consumers to easily access and securely share their employment and payroll data with counterparties such as banks, insurers and lenders at the click of a button.

Our goal is to build the backend infrastructure for sharing payroll information and to help businesses offer the best consumer experience across the Fintech industry. We allow businesses to easily integrate the Mistho flow seamlessly into their existing customer journeys to verify end-user income without disrupting the user experience.

Using the Mistho API, customers can improve conversion rates, time in underwriting, reduce fraud and significantly reduce manual verification costs.


About Mistho

  • Services:

    • Income Verification
    • Employment Verification
    • Manual upload and OCR for payslips
  • Regions Supported:

    United Kingdom