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Zero-friction Income Solution Covering 100% of Households

Key Benefits

  • IRS based income verification, 100% confidence and coverage. Powerlytics True Income is a suite of Income Verification and Estimation solutions that covers all sources of income and is underpinned by the anonymized tax returns of 150M U.S. households and covering over 200M adults.
  • Zero-friction income solution streamlines loan decisioning. Based only on an individual’s ZIP+4 and covering 100% of U.S. households, Powerlytics True Income solutions can help streamline loan decisioning by providing highly accurate income estimates or scores against a loan applicant’s stated income.

Powerful Data, Smarter Decisions

Powerlytics delivers the most comprehensive, accurate and granular U.S. consumer and business financial data available, underpinned by tax returns. Lenders leverage the highly predictive data for improving marketing and risk outcomes and benefit from Powerlytics True Income, a suite of zero-friction Income Verification Confidence Scores and Estimation products that covers 100% of U.S. households. Based only on an individual’s ZIP+4, Powerlytics True Income solutions can help streamline loan origination decisioning and be used as a replacement for customer-stated income to expand proactive credit line increases. True Income is built by using anonymized tax filings. As a result, the OCC has reviewed the solution and allowed commercial usage for marketing, underwriting, and proactive credit line increases to allow lenders to get to yes without customer friction.


About Powerlytics

  • Services:

    • Powerlytics True Income Solutions
    • Powerlytics Business Revenue Estimation
    • Consumer Loan Default Models
    • Business Loan Default Models
    • Consumer Targeting Models
    • Business Targeting Models
  • Countries Supported:

    United States