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Provenir Explainer Video

Allison Karavos
June 1, 2021

Provenir Explained in Less Than 2 Minutes

At Provenir, we help make risk decisions for payments, lending, and credit applications within seconds or milliseconds. Our visual configuration tools drive business and IT collaboration in a code-free environment, empowering users to create, test, and deploy, automated risk analytics and decision processes in minutes. Our pre-built adapters offer flexibility to integrate with virtually any structured and unstructured data source quickly, and the model agnostic platform operationalizes scorecards and risk models in hours. Also with the Provenir, you have the option of a complete software-as-a-service system that cuts deployment time drastically. At Provenir, we want your organization to experience risk decisions simplified. To see a demo or speak with a representative.

Learn how easy it really is to operationalize risk models with Provenir


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