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Operationalize your Financial Risk Models

Allison Karavos
January 14, 2022

Quickly and easily import multiple types of risk models

The Provenir decisioning Platform and risk analytics is unique in its ability to quickly and easily import multiple types of risk models so that they can be operationalized in automated decisioning processes.

Because the integration is “model agnostic”, simple and complex models and scorecards developed in third-party tools such as SAS, R and Excel or exported using PMML or MathML can be imported, validated and mapped via easy-to-use wizards.

With Provenir, there is no need for programming, enabling models to be imported and operationalized in minutes. This exclusive capability extends the value of your investment in industry-standard modeling tools while ensuring that automated risk decisioning processes developed in Provenir are always using the most accurate and up-to-date risk models.

Here’s a quick summary that shows just how easy it is to operationalize an R model.

Simply click Add to select a model from your system files and import it into Provenir. Provenir automatically validates the model’s code and extracts the fields for mapping.

R Model Files | Provenir

Open the model to visually configure the input and output mapping by dragging lines between the model’s and Provenir’s data fields. This creates Execution Profiles.

Input mapping specifies the data from Provenir that will be used by the model to execute the analysis.
Output mapping specifies the data to be returned to Provenir once the model has executed.
Provenir also provides options for managing the Execution Profile including how a returned value should be handled as well as using more than one Execution Profile with a model.

JAVA Model | Provenir

Provenir dynamically maps between the R model and its decisioning process. You can also map constant or fixed values between the model and Provenir.

SAS | Provenir

Finally, check in your new model object and you are ready to test it. You can test it directly from the model object itself or place it in a business logic process and test it. Provenir provides visual feedback to show you exactly what happened during the test.

With these few simple steps, your R model has been operationalized in an automated Provenir risk decisioning process.

Excel Process | Provenir

Download the PDF version

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