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From the latest risk decisioning and industry news to risk software and decision engine developments, our Provenir AI-Powered Risk Decisioning Platform resources bring together eBooks, videos, articles and more to help drive your business forward. Explore our resources to accelerate your innovation journey.

Credit Risk, Data

When were credit scores invented and how does credit scoring work?

The History of Credit Scores Credit scores and reports are essential components of financial services products. But do ...

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Risk Analytics: Benefits and Pitfalls of Microservices

What is Credit Risk Analytics? Credit risk analytics refers to the process of assessing the probability of default ...
Credit Risk, Decisioning

Top Three Mortgage Lending Trends: How to Make Smarter Credit Decisions Today to Thrive Tomorrow

From HELOC to HELOAN, the global mortgage lending market is vast - it reached almost $11.5 trillion in ...
Credit Risk, Lending

Economic Landscape in Europe: Uncertainty Fueled by Political Volatility

Europe, like much of the world, is facing global economic uncertainty, especially as war continues to wage in ...
Credit Risk

Finally, The Secret to Credit Risk Modeling with Python

Data Fueled. AI driven. The secret to smarter decisioning. Explore the possibilities I’m going to defer to a ...
Credit Risk, Decisioning

How to Maximize Credit Risk Decisioning ROI in Latin America

Balancing Approvals with Default Risk The Latin America region continues to be an area ripe with opportunities for ...