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Top FinTech TED Talks That Inspire Us

Allison Karavos
May 31, 2021

TED Talks are thought provoking, inspirational, and arguably one of the best ways to make your daily commute entertaining. One of the most amazing things about TED Talks is the diversity of topics that speakers discuss, and how their talks are frequently at the forefront of emerging technology.

In our last TED Talks blog post we selected a number of inspiring TED Talks that address the subject of Lending, and how machine learning, alternative data, and technology are changing the way lenders operate and offer their services. This time we’ve binge watched our way through talks that explore the topic of FinTechs and how technology is advancing the world of finances.

When it comes to FinTech, banking, and well, financial services in general it’s easy to get lost in the numbers (pun intended), and forget about the potential impact a business can have on their industry or even the world. Fortunately, TED Talks are available to inspire you to look at the big picture and use technology to create positive change in both financial service accessibility and the impact banking availability can have on an individual.

The following TED Talks focus on the subject of FinTech and cover a range of topics including the influence FinTech is having on the world of financial services, how its improving the payments industry, the ways its improving access to financial services, and perhaps most inspiringly, the positive ways it can change the world.

Here is our recommended viewing list of top TED and TEDx talks to inspire you to innovate and explore the potential of FinTech:

Kids Creating the Future Bank

In the financial services industry, technology has gone from pinch hitter to MVP, but it hasn’t stopped there. In this fascinating TED Talk, author and industry expert Chris Skinner delves into the world of fintechs and why many of the most successful fintechs are founded by ‘kids’—also known as the under-40s—including Revolut, Stripe, and PayTM. Chris explores the cultural and environmental role fintechs will play in the future and how fintech can be used for the greater good to provide protection, improve inclusion, and increase education.

A Revolution in Banking is Coming

When it comes to making life easier for consumers, FinTech is far ahead of many of the traditional banking institutions, but Tom Blomfeld, CEO of UK challenger bank Monzo, thinks the real banking revolution is still to come. In this short, but thought provoking TEDx talk Tom discusses what the future of banking could look like when financial institutions are required to provide easy access to data.

How FinTech Can Positively Impact the World

Spiros Margaris is a world renowned FinTech thought leader, advisor, and venture capitalist. In his TEDx Talk Spiros discusses how FinTech is providing not just a positive influence on the banking industry, but also in the world. For many of us, banking is something that we take for granted, but there are a huge number of individuals who are underbanked or unbanked, such as refugees, recent immigrants, those with poor credit histories, and individuals with thin credit files. Spiros explores how FinTechs can improve the lives of the unbanked and underbanked by providing innovative banking solutions that are accessible and offer a human approach to banking services.

A Vision for Truly Secure and Seamless Transactions

FinTech is evolving the future of payments! Carey Kolaja, who was Vice President of Global Consumer Products at PayPal when she recorded this inspirational TED talk, looks at our current relationship with payment transactions and how technology will drive change in the payments industry. Carey discusses the innovative ways that businesses are using technology to make payments more secure, accessible, and reliable. She also explores the potential uses of this technology in the future, from helping in emergency situations to providing economic opportunities to individuals.

How FinTech is Shaping the Future of Banking

Author, teacher, and Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, Henri Arslanian explores how FinTech is revolutionizing the banking industry to create new user friendly financial services. With a digital first approach, FinTech has created new and innovative ways of interacting with existing and potential customers to extend banking services, such as investment advice typically reserved for the wealthy, to everyone. His talk doesn’t just look at the ways finTech will change how consumers access banking, it also explores how it will extend who has access to services. With so much change happening in the banking industry, are the new generation of bankers ready for a digital first banking industry?

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