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Using Salesforce for
Credit/Loan Origination and Risk Decisioning

Allison Karavos
July 11, 2021

“Using Provenir’s configurable integration adaptors, GM Financial defined integrations with credit bureaus and a multitude of internal and external systems. This has helped the company not only reduce processing time, but has also increased transparency into the process.”

Senior Vice President Dealer Services at GM Financial

Just like GM Financial, Provenir clients are using the Provenir Salesforce adapter to enhance and optimize processes such as

But salesforce integration is not easy. In this demonstration you will see how Provenir can help you:

  • Automate complex analytics and decisioning processes from your Salesforce environment
  • Pair sophisticated intelligence and risk analytics with Salesforce for predictive cross-sell and upsell campaigns
  • Integrate various structured and unstructured data sources with your Salesforce environment to create a powerful risk strategy ecosystem
  • Keep a single set of integrated data across systems to avoid duplication or compliance concerns and to capitalize on real-time risk processes

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