3 Reasons to Use Salesforce for Credit/Loan Origination and Risk Decisioning

Author: Paul Thomas

Financial institutions want to serve customers well so they strive for efficiency improvements. Process automation plays a big part in this. Manual, disconnected credit and lending processes are being weeded out and replaced with digital, automated solutions.

This is progress. But for complete efficiency, risk analytics and decision-making should be tied into other business systems.

Salesforce is an excellent case in point. Its customer relationship management (CRM) solution is widely used by financial institutions to manage customer interactions.

Many banks, card issuers and fintech companies manually extract and duplicate data from Salesforce to complete credit checks, risk scoring and due diligence processes using legacy systems.

This is slow and inefficient. And it can change. When credit and lending decisioning processes and Salesforce are connected, there can be seamless data exchange. Through connected ecosystems, a single data set can drive real-time risk analytics and decisioning.

The right technology, pre-integrated with Salesforce can help automate loan and credit origination. It can:

  1. Increase use of Salesforce CRM data throughout the organization – listening for, reading and writing data into and out of Salesforce eliminates the manual moving of data from Salesforce to legacy systems. Technology can also enrich native Salesforce data with information maintained in other systems, which can be created and stored as custom fields within Salesforce.
  2. Automate originations and underwriting processes – by leveraging a technology that can easily integrate to external and internal data sources and bureaus, organizations can make real time decisions based on the aggregated data, operationalize any risk models in minutes and use Salesforce to automate and accelerate originations and underwriting.
  3. Provide end-to-end compliance and better reporting – automatically aggregated data from internal systems, KYCnet and other external systems can be made available to a compliance interface built within Salesforce. Capabilities such as business rules that ensure only the right data is aggregated for each client simplify compliance end-to-end.

With the Provenir pre-built integration adapter for Salesforce, financial institutions can automate complex analytics and decisioning processes for credit and loan applications from within their Salesforce environment.

Automate analytics and decisioning processes for credit and loan applications from within your Salesforce environment.Watch the demo

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