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Simplifying Integration with Pre-built Adapters

January 24, 2017 | Cheryl Cross

Leveraging ‘Big Data’ in Real Life, Today

It seems that every other article out there preaches on the massive volume of data that is at our fingertips. You know this as “Big Data”. It’s on the top of everyone’s list – how to leverage big data for real business impact – and this quest is driving a rise in data integration across verticals. In fact, Gartner1 predicts, “By 2018, 90% of new large systems will have budgets that include 50% spending on integration.” With such astounding resources dedicated to the increase of insight and efficiency through integration, the question is no longer “Will we integrate across systems?”  but “How do we decrease the cost of integration to realise a justified return?”

When it comes to risk decisioning, access to quality data is key, and companies need a single, integrated architecture for effectively managing risk operations across the organisation. That’s why Provenir has pre-built adapters to all of these data sources and many more. Point and click. Drag and drop. Done.

Provenir Integrations
Want to know more about integrating your data sources without dependence on IT or Provenir? Read more in our datasheet, or contact us to learn more.


1. Gartner. 2015 AADI Postmodern ERP Integration Session.