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Data fueled. AI driven.
The secret to smarter decisioning.

Discover Provenir’s AI-Powered Decisioning Platform

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From startup to decacorn: Software to fit your needs.

Decisioning software isn’t one-size-fits-all. You need purpose-built technology designed to outpace market evolution, and maintain your rank as an innovative and disruptive financial services player. Provenir powers data orchestration and risk decisioning processes across identity, credit and fraud to help you get ahead, and stay ahead of risk. We’ve designed our AI-Powered Data and Decisioning Platform, with key data, AI and decisioning capabilities, to give you the flexibility to iterate, expand, and scale on your timeline. Technology shouldn’t dictate your path forward, it should empower it. Define your own journey with a flexible Platform-as-a-Service solution!

No pain, all the gain: Simplified AI to drive business growth..


From data to AI-driven decisions, we’re here to help.

In a digital-first market, agility and innovation are key. The Provenir AI-Powered Decisioning Platform blows past traditional risk decisioning solutions by letting you harness the power of data, AI and decisioning from one unified, no-code user interface. Whether you’re launching an ambitious startup, or scaling a unicorn, Provenir helps you power beyond your business goals. Use Provenir to power one or both of your data and decisioning strategies.

Provenir Decisioning

Provenir’s industry-leading risk decisioning lets you make smarter decisions, faster. Use Provenir’s no-code decisioning engine to tackle virtually any risk decisioning or analytics workflow. Empower business users to design, build and deploy new workflows or make changes quickly. Get products to market, today.

Use Provenir Decisioning Cloud to:

  • Power instant credit risk decisioning
  • Get to market faster, with zero road blocks
  • Empower business users with a no-code UI

Provenir Data

Say hello to data. Any data, anywhere, on-demand – One API. Provenir Data + Marketplace is a global data and intelligence platform that makes accessing data fast and easy. Advance and accelerate your data strategy with data and insights covering identity, fraud, and credit, all managed through a single contract. Eliminate your data sourcing challenges and simplify your data supply chain with preconfigured, fully maintained integrations, accessed through a single API. Select from identity, fraud, open banking, bureau, alternative sources and more.

Use Provenir Cloud Data + Marketplace to:

  • Support global and regional onboarding, credit, and fraud strategies
  • Simplify access to data intelligence using a single API
  • Add real-time data into decisioning processes

Provenir AI

Simplified AI for smarter decisioning. Designed and built to make AI accessible to fintechs, Provenir AI empowers you to launch your AI strategy at record speed. Whether you’re just starting with AI or are further on your journey, Provenir’s AI solution will bring instant value to your team by eliminating the challenges that limit AI impact. With auto-selection, simplified deployment, and self-optimization, Provenir AI lets you run at maximum performance, all of the time!

Use Provenir AI to:

  • Make smarter decisions across the customer lifecycle
  • Launch your AI strategy at record speed
  • Maximize business impact

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Cloud technology that powers innovation.

Provenir does more than help with your current tech challenges. We eliminate them.

Designed and built to power agility, our cloud-native technology puts your team in control. Independence replaces vendor-reliance. Seamless support for business growth replaces unscalable technology. And advanced decisioning, data and AI capabilities replace aging solutions.

It’s the closest you can come to custom technology without building it yourself.

Decisioning software to change the way you think about your risk strategy..

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