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Fintech, Lending

10 Fintechs Accelerating SME Lending

By combining financial know-how with technology, fintech is reshaping SME lending, approving loans to more businesses and giving ...
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Unlocking Africa’s Credit Potential

According to KPMG data, there was a record $1.6 billion in fintech investment in 2021. At the same ...
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Infrastructure, talents are some of the challenges finance industry faces in adopting AI: Provenir

Bharath Vellore, Provenir’s General Manager of APAC, recently spoke to @e27 about the increasing number of case studies ...
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APAC’s Top Fintech Trends to Watch

Asia Pacific (APAC) is home to diverse markets with different levels of maturation. But whether the market is ...
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15 Companies Setting the Trends in Buy Now, Pay Later

We were spot on in our prediction. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) has gone from being a “trendy” ...
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“Don’t wait to be approached”: IWD Spotlight with Mei Ye

Being told she wouldn’t be promoted because “senior positions are for men” incentivized Mei Ye, Head of Pre-Sales ...
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