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Digital Merchant Onboarding

Drive better consumer experiences in an increasingly competitive market.

Rapid verifications

Onboard merchants in minutes with real-time KYC/KYB verifications.

Deeper decisioning

Go deeper into data with simple integrations and easy model deployment.

Increased agility

No-code technology lets you make changes on your timeline.

If you can’t onboard your merchants in minutes, your competitors can.

Strict compliance regulations and evolving fraud risks make powering a world-class digital merchant onboarding experience a challenge. And you’re always looking for ways to balance risk with smooth seller onboarding experiences.

Financial services organizations around the world look to Provenir to help them solve this exact problem. Using our technology, financial services providers like you are able to deliver enhanced digital merchant onboarding experiences powered by an agile platform that supports fully automated onboarding, fraud and AML processes, KYC and risk decisioning.


Onboard merchants faster, without increasing risk.

From marketplaces to payment processors, Provenir enables businesses around the globe to power digital merchant onboarding in real-time. Easy data integration, instant KYC/KYB verification and powerful automation tools empower you to automatically approve new merchants.

“The flexibility of Provenir allows us to create our own risk decisioning workflows that can easily connect with any data source.”

Managing Director, Novuna Capital
GM logo

“We have deep insight into every application and contract as we can instantly get real-time information whenever we need it.”

VP of Dealer Services, GM Financial

“Provenir plays a vital role in navigating this balance between compliance and speed, because it gives us the ability to orchestrate all of our scoring and compliance processes very quickly.”

CEO, Dun & Bradstreet
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“Provenir empowers the Telia Finance team to create and change credit offerings independently, process customer applications in seconds, and easily integrate to multiple data sources for better quality decisioning.”

Credit Manager, Telia
Klarna logo

“Provenir has delivered a solution that increases our agility and responsiveness to clients. The implementation of Provenir’s software will contribute towards Klarna’s global market goals.”

CEO, North America, Klarna

Our platform makes us unique. Our results make you stand out.

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