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Customer Management

Go beyond onboarding: maximize value across the customer lifecycle

Maximize Revenue

Increase customer retention with targeted, personalized pricing and products.

Mitigate Risk

Predict portfolio performance and proactively evaluate risk exposure.

Optimize Collections

Identify the best treatment strategies and most effective communications channels.

Take your decisioning beyond onboarding: enable superior experiences across the customer journey.

Making an initial decision at onboarding is only one piece of the customer journey. Discover how Provenir’s AI-Powered Decisioning Platform goes beyond – to enable holistic risk decisioning across credit, fraud, and compliance in order to maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities, proactively manage and mitigate risk at all stages of the lifecycle, and optimize collections strategies. So you can focus your attention on your customers, instead of your risk. 

Wherever there’s a risk decision to be made, Provenir’s AI-Powered Decisioning platform is there: enabling superior customer experiences and mitigating risk, reducing defaults, and preventing fraud along the way. 

Improve Experiences

Get the right offers to the right customers at the right time. Increase customer retention and grow your revenue by reducing payment defaults and offering targeted, personalized pricing and products at every step of the customer journey.

  • Optimize your upsell/cross-sell opportunities with AI-powered decisioning enabling personalized offers and automated loan renewal strategies
  • Scalable batch processing, assessing large volumes to data to enable proactive, portfolio-wide analysis, with rapid change and resubmit capabilities
  • Data-driven cost, revenue, and profit forecasting

Mitigate Risk

Ensure protection across the entire customer journey, with the ability to regularly evaluate risk exposure and predict portfolio performance.

  • Rapidly test and deploy additional data sets for deeper customer insights
  • Quick and easy use of champion/challenger testing to assess model performance before iteration
  • React in response to changing market conditions and portfolio performance
  • Regular AI-powered evaluation of customer behavior

Optimize Collections

Act proactively pre-collections by predicting potential defaults and minimizing loss. Identify not only the best treatment strategies, but also the most effective communications channels to ensure more likelihood of success.

  • Utilize multiple data sources (including fraud, bureau, open banking) to better predict behavior/ability to pay
  • Add automation and flexibility through self-sufficiency
  • Use AI to help identify the best treatment strategy
  • Easily integrate into existing collections management solutions

Maximize Value Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle

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