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Beyond Onboarding: Enabling AI-Powered Decisions Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle


November 2, 2023 | Jonathan Pryer


Are you a finance leader looking to prioritize loan portfolio growth? If so, you’re not alone. According to recent data, two-thirds of finance leaders consider it their top strategic priority. But with so many priorities to juggle, how can you support ongoing account management that increases portfolio value?

Join Provenir’s Andrew Beddoes (Principal Consultant) and Sam Rohde (Head of Pre-Sales, North America) to dive deep into the realm of customer management and how to unlock maximum value across the entire customer lifecycle. Our session will focus on Provenir’s leading-edge credit risk decisioning platform that transforms the way you manage customer portfolios and enhance risk decisions.

Learn to harness the power to spot the next best offer, reduce default risk, and anticipate customer needs — all in a single, scalable software solution. Stay ahead of the curve with Provenir’s proactive risk management— tailor-made to not just meet your needs, but to anticipate them.

Discover the broad capabilities of our platform with a live demo of Provenir’s software. You’ll get a glimpse at its multiple processing capabilities, flexible data orchestration, and the utilization of both augmented and alternative data for a comprehensive view of customer financial health. Experience first-hand how continuous improvement and behavior prediction are made possible through advanced testing and diverse data sources.

Watch now to take the first step towards maximizing your customer lifecycle value.

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