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On-Demand: How Consumer Lenders Can Reduce Friction Without Compromising on Risk and Fraud Prevention


March 22, 2024 | Sean Griffin

Customer experience is incredibly important to today’s discerning consumers, whether they are looking for financial services or any other product. Reducing friction at onboarding and across the entire customer journey is critical for consumer lenders – but how can you do that without compromising your risk strategy or increasing your risk of fraud? Watch on-demand now, and hear from our panel of experts who share insights and best practices for reducing friction, so you can effectively balance risk with opportunity – and grow your business.

Key highlights include:

  • How advanced decisioning solutions can more effectively enable end-to-end account management
  • Why orchestrating and integrating the right data, including alternative data, is key to making more accurate decisions across the lifecycle
  • How decision intelligence, including AI/ML, can help mitigate losses, improve fraud prevention measures, and maximize portfolio performance
  • Ways to ensure frictionless, end-to-end onboarding experiences with expedited case handling for manual exceptions
  • Why dynamic, proactive customer management is key to maximizing customer value and optimizing engagement


  • Rob Seidman, US Bank Chief Product Officer
  • Adam Goller, Cross River Bank
  • John Lynch, Avant
  • Michael Fife, Provenir
  • Peter Renton, Fintech Nexus

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