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September 28, 2021

Providing transparency and security globally using top-notch compliance practices.

Key Benefits

  • Automation, Integration, Affordability. Identance automates the onboarding and verification of individuals in as little as 15 seconds. Providing the ability to be integrated in any environment and ecosystem, we have SDKs for iOS, Android or Web and API. Our goal is to offer great value to great companies, with the most competitive prices on the market for start-ups, SMBs or Big Enterprises.
  • Verify Everything. Client-First Global Operations. Identance verifies documents, phone numbers, emails, address of the place of verification and even the verification of corporate clients in our KYB tool. We work worldwide: more than 60 languages, 19,000 automated documents and 4000 government databases included. We understand and appreciate that every business has its own special features and will customize solutions, with 24/7 support.

“Great product guys! It indeed can save tons of money and developer’s time, providing the customer with a convenient and stable SDK.”

Identance Customer

Verification made easy. Define fraud quickly and efficiently.

As part of the cryptocurrency exchange Identance has absorbed many nuances of crypto trading. As a separate project Identance has existed since 2018. Using the experience of knowledge of cryptocurrency exchanges we have created our own unique product. Identity verification, fraud prevention, KYC/AML and KYB are just the beginning. We are expanding our horizons and entering the market of different industries: banking, tourism, insurance, HR and others.

The registration process with Identance takes up to 10-15 seconds for the user. We care about the convenience of our customers and use a personalized approach to each case. Our prices are affordable and flexible depending on the type of service, while at the same time the quality remains at a high level.


Expand Your Data Ecosystem.