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June 14, 2022

AML Screening Automation for Modern Companies

Key Benefits

  • Automated PEP and Sanctions, and UBO Screening. Scale your customer onboarding with automated AML and UBO screening with fewer false positives so you can focus on your core business and growth.
  • Automated Monitoring. Simplify your AML workflows with our automated daily monitoring. Get notified in real time of AML status changes in your customer base.

“Safello saw a 90% reduction in false positives after switching to Pliance; we went from hours of investigations per day to minutes!.”

Operational Manager, Safello

Pliance – Automated AML Screening

Pliance is a Sweden-based RegTech company with a mission to create tools to help businesses effectively combat financial crime. Through technology, Pliance helps compliance teams automate their AML processes, reduce false positives, and focus more time and effort on proactive anti-money laundering activities and business growth.

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