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February 6, 2018 | Jonathan Pryer

Provenir Extends Its Platform to Support Python

Pre-integration with the powerful programming language will make it even easier to operationalize complex credit risk models – with added artificial intelligence (AI).

New York, NY –  Date February 2018 – Provenir has expanded its risk analytics and decisioning platform to support the increasingly popular programming language Python. The platform’s new pre-built connectivity with Python will ultimately help data scientists and risk professionals create more sophisticated statistical models at higher speeds – using AI to drive faster, more reliable credit risk decisions.

Python is a powerful, interpretive language based on open source software, with access to an ever-widening range of algorithms and data libraries. Its speed, flexibility, stability and ease of integration with almost any information source have made it today’s go-to tool for data scientists. And because it works so well with AI, Python enables you to build self-sufficient models that process historical data, bringing new levels of machine learning to risk decisioning.

“Our platform’s pre-integration with Python opens exciting new possibilities for developing and operationalizing credit risk models,” says Paul Thomas, Managing Director at Provenir. “In the lending space, non-linear models with a greater number and variety of data variables can gain a more accurate picture of prospective customers – and potentially reach new demographics without increasing credit risk. When accessed through Provenir, Python’s power, flexibility and AI capabilities will help providers bring such complex risk analytics to market more quickly.”

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