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From the latest risk decisioning and industry news to risk software and decision engine developments, our Provenir AI-Powered Risk Decisioning Platform resources bring together eBooks, videos, articles and more to help drive your business forward. Explore our resources to accelerate your innovation journey.

Credit Risk, Data

Life in 3D: Using Alternative Data to Power Credit Risk Decisioning

Thank You! How to Grow Your Business and Improve Decisioning Accuracy We see the world in 3D – ...
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Harnessing AI in Risk Decisioning

Risk decisioning or risk assessment has traditionally been a detail intensive task with someone sifting through information or ...
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4 Ways to Boost Hyper-Personalization for Financial Services

Many established financial services organizations struggle to provide the hyper-personalization today’s consumers demand. In this CMSWire feature, Kathy ...
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All-Inclusive Experiences: Make Smarter Decisions Faster with a Risk Decisioning Ecosystem

Thank You! In today’s digital-first world you know that you need to make smarter decisions that keep you ...
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Credit Risk, Decisioning

Superpowered Risk Decisioning for Telcos: Maximize Revenue, Minimize Risk

Transform Your Telco into a Decisioning Superhero As a telco, evaluating creditworthiness quickly and accurately is vital to ...
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Simplifying the Merchant Onboarding Process with Automation

The Challenges of Manual Merchant Onboarding Merchant onboarding is a critical process for acquiring businesses that involves acquiring, ...
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