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Coffee: The Most Important Meal of the Day at Money20/20

June 8, 2017 | Jonathan Pryer

It’s 7:00AM on Tuesday and you have another long day ahead of you at Money20/20. Monday was packed with hours of keynotes and roundtables on cutting edge trends in financial services, intermittently responding to emails from the office (we are hoping for perfect wi-fi), and wearing your best networking smile for twelve hours straight. If you’ve been to Money20/20 Europe, you know it’s worth the energy. You also know that a quiet cafe can be the perfect place to fuel up for the day’s events.

In preparation for Money20/20 Europe 2017, we’ve gathered recommendations for the best coffee shops in Copenhagen. You’ll have to venture away from the Bella Center, into the city center for most, but we promise that it’s worth the trip.

Coffee Collective
Jægersborggade 10, 2200 København, Denmark

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Coffee Collective is open from 07:00 to 19:00, which means you’ll have a quick stop before the conference starts. But, it’s widely regarded as the best coffee shop in town so we had to include it on the list. Try out the Coffee Softice – it’s like a cappuccino and soft serve had a beautiful, beautiful baby.

Ravnsborggade 10B, 2200 Copenhagen N

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If you’re looking for something a little more musical, try Bevar’s in København N during an evening out. The jazzy cafe is open until midnight Monday through Wednesday, and even later through the weekend. In addition to comforting cup of coffee, Bevar’s offers a full menu. Try the Charcuterie if you’ve ventured out for a conversation with friends. Bevars also offers a meeting room if you’re looking for a team-building exercise with flair. Contact the cafe directly for reservations.

Krystalgade 15, 1172 Copenhagen

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(Image courtesy of European Coffee Trip)

If a quiet cup of coffee with a side of literature is more your speed, head over to Democratic Coffee Bar. Located in Copenhagen’s public library, the cafe was established by a self-taught pastry chef (ask Oliver Oxfeldt about his background in gaming) and has no shortage of windows, books, or tasty sweets.

Falkoner all 54, 2000 Frederiksberg

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Yes, Bertel’s serves coffee, but let’s be honest. The charming cafe is on the list for its award-winning cheesecakes. Home to over one-hundred different cheesecake varieties, the cafe switches things up based on seasonal produce and availability of its fresh ingredients. Enjoy your fresh-brewed coffee and dessert outdoors while you soak in the beauty of Copenhagen.

Sky Bar
Center Boulevard 5, 2300 København S

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(Image courtesy of Visit Copenhagen)

We get it. The days are long, there are meetings to be had and flights to catch. Sometimes the best option is the closest. If you’re not up for the journey into Copenhagen N, head across to to the Sky Bar. Located in the adjacent Marriott, Sky bar will serve up a cup of coffee if you ask politely, but there are plenty of options better suited for the end of a long day. And, if you’re a super-networker, you’re sure to meet fellow conference attendees.

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