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I want it and I want it NOW: How Consumer Impatience is Driving Frictionless Mobile Payments

February 23, 2016 | Jonathan Pryer

Consumers shopping online, and particularly those shopping using their mobiles, are put off by lengthy, complex online checkout processes. It’s an obstacle that contributes to a high level of online shopping cart abandonment.

Taking friction out of the online buying process can help ease the way to a higher rate of purchase completion. This was the subject of a recent live digital discussionwith e-commerce company Klarna and Provenir. Klarna simplifies the online checkout process for merchants and consumers. In the discussion, North America CEO BrianBillingsley tells how the Klarna solution separates buying from paying, reducing the hassle online shoppers feel when faced with an online checkout form. Klarna makes a rapid risk analytics decision on every transaction; shoppers need input only basic personal information and can choose to make payment after goods have been received.

“We don’t believe that friction should be transposed on a consumer telling a merchant, ‘I want that t-shirt, send me that t-shirt.’ You need to step back for a minute and ask how are consumers experiencing or finding these products? Typically now it’s on a mobile device,” says Brian. “We believe you should be able to make that checkout experience as small an experience as possible.”

Paul Thomas, of Provenir talks about how risk analytics and decisioning with advanced data analytics and streamlined business workflows supports such a simple checkout experience. The dynamic and intelligent use of data, held internally or externally sourced, integrated analytics and process automation combine together for a real-time, low latency customer experience.

Dip into the digital discussion to learn more about how to break down the barriers to online payments.


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