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Collateral to get your head in (our) clouds

Discover more in-depth information on everything from AI and alternative data to future-proofing your BNPL technology or speeding up your SME lending. Explore infographics, eBooks, whitepapers and more to help power your risk strategy.

Consumer Lending

Infographic: Discover the Secret to Consumer Lending Success

The consumer credit market reached a staggering $11 billion market size in 2022. As a consumer lender up ...
Consumer Lending

The Secret to Consumer Lending Success

Between stark competition, evolving regulation, and an unpredictable global economy, consumer lending can be a difficult space to ...
AI, Decisioning

A Geek’s Guide to Machine Learning (AI), Risk Analytics and Decisioning

Deploy Machine Learning in Your Financial Institution Rapidly Get the whitepaper Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) ...
Decisioning, Lending

The History of Lending

Technology and the Democratization of Lending Did you know that the earliest form of Buy Now, Pay Later ...

The Changing Economic Landscape + Its Impact on Financial Services

Provenir Perspectives from Around the World The economy is a hot topic, with signs of uncertainty in almost ...

Infographic: How to Simplify Your Data Strategy for Smarter Decisioning

Do you struggle with your organization’s data strategy? Do you have access to the data you need to ...

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