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Webinar: Forging Future-Proof Buy Now, Pay Later Offerings with Klarna, Paywerk and Provenir


November 4, 2021 | Cassidy Belville

Moderated by The Fintech Times

The global Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) market is expected to grow upwards of 400% by 2025. While the market opportunity continues to grow so does the competition – what can you do to ensure your BNPL technology is future-proof?

Watch today as Klarna, Paywerk and Provenir chat with The Fintech Times about all things BNPL and discover:

  • How advanced technologies can help you respond to market needs quickly and manage risk more effectively
  • How the use of alternative data can help you serve more consumers and encourage greater financial inclusion
  • Why balancing customer experience and frictionless onboarding with compliance and fraud prevention is key
  • What the future holds for BNPL – are impending regulations and increasing partnerships with traditional lenders a positive or a negative?

Have you future-proofed your BNPL technology yet?