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On-Demand: Anticipating Tomorrow: A dynamic approach to account management


May 8, 2024 | Provenir

As consumer debt and delinquency rates continue to rise, we are seeing loan loss provisions reach new heights. With monthly payments becoming prohibitive for a number of consumers, it’s clear that account management practices are due for a significant upgrade to position organizations to be able to respond to these growing pressures. 

Currently, most existing account management and collections systems have been held back by a lack of investment, and are under-equipped for this surge in demand. Most organizations are faced with outdated infrastructure that remains catered to traditional billing cycles than to the nuanced demands of modern account management.

With the right technology and an optimized approach, lenders can manage it all, driving growth,  resiliency and innovation in the space. Watch on-demand now, as our group of industry experts dive into the critical issues and possibilities in portfolio management within financial institutions. Our experts share cutting-edge insights and strategies designed to convert these challenges into avenues for growth and resilience. Help position yourself at the forefront of credit risk management, and steer your organization towards a future marked by stability and expansion.

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to navigate challenges and optimize your account management strategies
  • Positioning the most appropriate offer for each customer via the right channel at the right time
  • How to respond faster to market changes while ensuring your models are still accurate
  • Ways to enhance your decisioning across the customer lifecycle with AI and alternative data
  • Additional considerations that should be at the forefront as the market dynamics continue to evolve


  • Andy Beddoes – Principal Consultant, Provenir

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