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On-Demand Webinar: How to Power Risk Decisions Faster than the Competition


May 31, 2023 | Jonathan Pryer

In the race for customers, speed is everything – and your consumers demand it. But how can you deliver risk decisions and new banking products faster than the increasingly agile competition?

For financial services companies, data has never been more important, and real-time data access, automated decisioning and advanced analytics are key to remaining agile, innovative and responsive to industry trends.

In this webinar, hosted by FinTech Futures, our expert panel – featuring tbi bank’s Chief Credit Officer, Allica Bank’s Chief Product & Strategy Officer and Premier Bankcard’s Senior Vice President, Risk Services – discuss how you can overcome the challenges of upgrading legacy decisioning technology and evolving data security and compliance regulations to ensure you can adapt quickly to shifting consumer demands and stay ahead of the competition.

Watch now to learn:

  • How to mitigate risk, grow your revenue and improve the banking experience for your customers.
  • Why real-time data access and eliminating siloed data environments is critical for not only smarter risk decisions and improved fraud prevention, but also to provide a more holistic, inclusive view of your customers.
  • How advanced analytics like machine learning and AI can enable optimised decisioning across the entire customer lifecycle.
  • The ways upgrading your legacy decisioning technology can accelerate your journey to more modern risk decisioning.
  • How to choose technology partners that enable you to satisfy rapidly evolving compliance and security requirements.

Director General, Southern Europe, Provenir

Senior Vice President, Risk Services, PREMIER Bankcard

Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

Chief Credit Officer,
TBI Bank

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