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Five Key Features for Creating the Optimal Risk Decisioning Solution


June 20, 2022 | Jonathan Pryer

Risk-decisioning ecosystems must be designed to intelligently serve customers and create world-class customer experiences. To this end, banks and fintechs need solutions that unify credit decisioning, AI and machine learning, with real-time access to external and internal data sources to auto optimize decisions—along with the impact of those decisions—across your entire customer lifecycle.

In this article, Kim Minor, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Provenir, discusses the five key features that are quintessential for a modern risk decisioning platform:

  • No-code management;
  • Easy access to real-time and historical data;
  • Data and AI-powered decisioning across the customer lifecycle;
  • Auto-optimization for decisioning that gets more accurate the more it’s used; and
  • Scalability