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NatWest ‘Plans’ to Shut Down BNPL Offering; Why Are So Many Firms Taking a Step Back From BNPL?

Around 2020, buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions exploded in popularity, as an increasing number of shoppers across ...

Remaining Relevant: Move Now to Tap Into These Top 10 Mega Banking Trends

From evolving lending practices to new competition and changing fraud risks and compliance needs, banks are constantly adapting to a ...

The EU AI Act – Comments From David Mirfield,  VP Of Product Management, Provenir

The European Parliament has finalised a provisional agreement on groundbreaking artificial intelligence regulations paving the way for the ...

Lending to Live: Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis for Lenders in the UK

In the wake of the ever-growing concern surrounding cost of living in the UK, consumers are finding themselves ...

TDS Mini: EMEA’s Crystal Ball 2024

What’s in store for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in 2024? Today, Frode Berg (Managing Director, EMEA) ...

Despite Popularity, BNPL Will Not Overtake or Replace Credit Cards

The Fintech Times recently reached out to industry experts to ask if they believed BNPL could take over ...