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Women-Led Entrepreneurship in LATAM: Closing the Gap Through Smarter Credit Decisioning


November 10, 2021 | Cassidy Belville

Closing the gender credit accessibility gap in LATAM

It’s no secret that workplace and economic inequality between men and women still exists on a global scale. In Latin America, there is an even greater gender gap. Did you know that 54% of Latin American women must use their own savings to start a project?

  • Only 15% of women are able to start their own companies with the support of a private bank
  • Women represent 56% of informal employment  
  • Women have a “double shift”: managing both outside work and housework  

However, today technology is helping to bridge that gap and play a part in stabilizing the economic playing field for women. Get the eBook and learn how you can adapt and change for the betterment of millions of women, while generating new business opportunities.

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