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On-Demand: Pioneering the Future of Low-Risk Consumer Lending


August 24, 2023 | Cassidy Belville

Navigating New Credit Products, Financial Inclusion and Beyond

Consumer lending is changing. How can you remain on the forefront of this $11 billion market? By offering flexible, digital experiences built around your customers. But how do you innovate new products, stay on trend, and grow your business, all while effectively keeping your risk in check? You need the right technology, the right risk strategy, and agile tactics that can enable you to capture low-risk, high-reward opportunities.

Watch now to explore the power of data and AI-driven credit risk decisioning for forward-thinking consumer lenders. Experts from Provenir and Vesta will share insights into why accurate risk assessment is the key to reaching new markets, the flexible features your tech needs to keep up with evolving trends, and how the use of integrated data-rich decisioning ecosystems can help credit providers pioneer the future of low-risk consumer lending.

Key takeaways:

  • Insights into the latest consumer and industry trends like the evolution of BNPL
  • How to enhance your credit risk strategy to incorporate financial inclusion and unlock new addressable markets
  • Ways to accelerate approvals with automated, real-time decisioning
  • How to streamline customer onboarding with traditional and alternative data for more accurate decisions and personalized offers
  • The ways agile tech designed for business users can help you launch new products and get to market faster
Waldemar Faltenberg
Gabriel Pascual
Jide Davies
Hrishi Talwar
Tim Moulton

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