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Revolutionizing the customer experience for financial services customers in APAC


September 1, 2023 | Cassidy Belville

Date & Time: 19th Sept, 2023 at 10 am SGT

How to maximize the lifetime value of your customers across the lifecycle

One of the major drivers of the success of the new fintech players is their superior customer experience and ease of use. 

Amidst the digital era, Southeast Asia offers substantial fintech opportunities driven by widespread digital adoption and a growing appetite for digital involvement. Notably, Singapore and other countries are nurturing fintech hubs. However, the region faces challenges, including a sizable unbanked population.

To capitalize on these opportunities, fintechs must craft customer-centric strategies that cater to the region’s distinct needs. As technology races forward, fintechs are bridging gaps in underserved populations, making branding strategies that differentiate in an increasingly competitive arena. Effective branding should center on enhancing user experiences, maintaining consistency across all touchpoints, and addressing regional complexities.

In today’s landscape, customer experience reigns supreme. According to Forrester’s Financial Services Customer Trust Index, establishing trust with your customers is pivotal for loyalty and revenue, especially in uncertain economic times. However, across the APAC region, the results indicate that customer trust in banks is lacking in many areas.

Join us on September 19th, 2023 for an illuminating discussion on revolutionizing customer experiences in financial services. Gain insights on how to enhance customer journeys while navigating risks effectively. From innovative onboarding practices to proactive portfolio management, we will explore strategies that drive value for both you and your clients.

Key highlights from the discussion include:

  • Recent trends in the world of financial services customer management and customer experience
  • How to use both traditional and alternative data for a more holistic view of your customers throughout the lifecycle
  • Ways to optimize upsell/cross-sell/renewal opportunities with selective targeting of customers to enable the right offer at the right time
  • Tips to regularly evaluate your risk exposure and predict portfolio performance
  • How to more accurately predict/prevent fraud and other defaults, and optimize pre-collections strategies  

Reserve your spot today and be a part of the transformative journey toward customer-centric excellence.

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