Business Intelligence and Risk Analytics Management Software

Use Risk Analytics Management Software to Uncover Actionable Insights from Your Decisioning Processes

Imagine the possibilities if you could grasp every node of decisioning data—from application details to existing customer profiles and third party information—and display that knowledge in configurable reporting dashboards…  With Provenir risk analytics management software, you can.

Provenir’s BI and analytics empowers your team to dig deeper into the data using risk analytics tools and then take action based on real business intelligence. Whether it’s discovering emerging market opportunities, identifying and responding to new risks, or using the data to drive smarter business decisions, the Provenir Platform puts data intelligence and analytics in the hands of your business users.

Risk Analytics Management Software – Use Data for More Than Decisioning

The power of Provenir’s Decisioning Engine presents automated risk analytics and decisions in milliseconds. However, risk professionals understand that the data between the beginning and end of a decisioning workflow carries a wealth of operational and business insight. To get the full value from your data you need risk management analytics software that lets you look deeper into your data.

With Provenir for Business Intelligence and Analytics, you can:

  • Maintain visibility — Keep an eye on decision risk analytics and monitor KPIs with configurable Operations and Business Intelligence dashboards.
  • Command operational and business data — Expose data from your decisioning processes in a dynamically configurable reporting environment, powered by Tableau.
  • Visualize analytics — Look under the hood of your decisioning process to analyze time to decision, business logic performance, and other key operational metrics.
  • Evaluate alternative scenarios — Ask ‘what-if’ questions in the security of the cloud to fine tune your analytics models.
  • Uncover target customer segments — Track patterns in decisioning data to optimize your decisioning processes, and to identify new opportunities.
  • Predict decisioning outcomes — Use machine learning within the Provenir Platform to learn from historical data and preemptively analyze decisions.
  • Business reporting – Pull stored data from any integrated data source to generate reports from business data.

Stack Your Business Analytics Building Blocks

If you’re a bank, fintech, payments organization, or other financial institution you need a powerful decisioning and data analytics ecosystem to thrive in rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive markets.

The need for unique and complex systems often drives the desire to build technology in-house, but what if you could have the flexibility of designing and building your own solution without having to develop every component from scratch? Provenir is designed to let you do just that.

With the Provenir Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform you’re in control of creating your ideal technology solution. Provenir powers a “build it yourself but not from scratch” approach to architecture, giving you the flexibility you need to configure the most fitting risk management analytics software for your organization. Whether it’s powering advanced decisioning workflows, integrating to internal or external data sources, monitoring processes, or pulling detailed analytics reports from data stored throughout your organization and external sources, the Provenir Platform can be configured to handle it all using your exact specifications.

Analytics Adapters to Power Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics

To get the most out of data your team need to be able to easily use advanced data analytics to discover actionable data insights. To help your team get access to the right data at the right time Provenir supports a range of analytics adapters to make integration simple and fast:

  • Spark Adapter — Take advantage of Spark’s large-scale SQL, batch processing, stream processing, and machine learning power for massively fast big data analytics.
  • Kafka Adapter — Kafka’s inherent data streaming capabilities bring your business intelligence into real-time.
  • TensorFlow – Advance your analytics with TensorFlow’s scalable machine learning models.
  • Amazon S3 Adapter — Your data lake of choice, built into Provenir workflows, gives you the perfect foundation for big data analytics.
  • Amazon Redshift Adapter — Combine the power of Provenir’s decision risk analytics capabilities with Redshift’s capacity to handle complex queries fast, at exabyte-level scale.

Machine Learning with Provenir

Expanding your business analytics to use advanced data science tools can uncover insights that help your business respond to new risks and take advantage of new opportunities. The Provenir Platform supports the use of advanced analytics, such as machine learning, throughout your business processes. Take advantage of the Platform’s adaptors to bring third party risk analytics tools into your technology ecosystem including Spark ML and Amazon ML. Visit our risk models page for more detailed information on analytics integrations supported through the Provenir Platform.